Asian American Admits to Elite Universities

Asian American Admits to Elite Universities

High school students about to enter college think long and hard about what university they aspire to attend. Others have already decided on a university that has been their dream institution ever since. The only problem is how hard the admission is going to be.

The process of application for elite institutions is an arduous task. It requires determination, hardwork, and the help of school administrations. On top of having an excellent GPA, students must write compelling essays and even secure letters of recommendation for better chances of admission considering admission rates like the strict Dartmouth acceptance rate.

Additionally, the competition to elite universities has reached an all-time high due to the surge in applications in recent years. In particular, Asian Americans face the highest standard for admission given the discrimination against the minority group and the cutthroat competition for students aiming for the best university in the country.

In line with this, AdmissionSight has released a report indicating the number of Asian Americans admitted to elite universities. According to the findings, there is a limited number of seats for Asian Americans at elite institutions, which typically comprises between 20 to 25% of the student body.

Moreover, due to the influence of Asian culture, many Asians put a high value on their education and consider learning as a significant instrument for success. In truth, many Asian students perform exceptionally well in the classroom, with many scoring top marks in AP exams, PSATs, and SATs.

However, even with stellar academic records, it does not guarantee a sure admission for Asian Americans. Often, they are rejected as they tend to face significant discrimination and scrutiny, and more recently penalized as what Harvard call a low “personality score”.

To the highly competitive atmosphere and to get a greater chance for UCLA acceptance rate, Asian Americans do not only need to score highly on their SAT and perform well in schoolwork, but also get national recognition in math, science fairs, writing competitions, speech and debate, and exhibit leadership through their extracurricular activities.

Here is an infographic from AdmissionSight that discusses Asian Americans admits to elite universities.

Asian American Admits to Elite Universities