Best Boarding Schools Dartmouth acceptance rate

Best Boarding Schools

Boarding Schools are one of the best options when considering going to college, especially when aiming for Ivy league schools and top Universities.   As the name suggests, these schools provide an option for students to live on campus during their years of study.  Boarding schools provide opportunities for students to focus on their studies and growth to prepare them for college.

Some boarding schools accept students who do not wish to live in the school’s boarding houses. These students are called daytime students. This setup is not so different from the usual, only a little bit cheaper by 10-15%.

Boarding schools usually have strict requirements, considering that these schools are the best you can find. They usually have a 16% or lower acceptance rate. A good example is Dartmouth acceptance rate at 10.4% and UCLA acceptance rate at 16.1%. This reflects the school’s high standards, and only a few get to pass the admission requirements. But in a different light, this also means that qualifying students have the right knowledge, skills, and attitudes to thrive in competitive environments.

Students typically focus their efforts on academics in order to get admission to their dream colleges, such as Princeton and Yale. Enrolling in boarding, students will not only excel academically, but they will also graduate with a leg up on the competition on their way to university and beyond.

Tuition may vary depending on the program and services. The average tuition fee is at least $50-60,000 for boarding and $40-45,000 for daytime students. Luckily, most of these schools provide both merit-based and need-based financial aid that can cover school costs and expenses. This allows students to avail the best possible education they can have. 

Requirements might be strict, but it does not mean unattainable. With proper preparation and perseverance entering these Ivy league schools can be possible. Luckily, here at AdmissionSight, our goal is to assist students in getting into top schools.  Check out the list of best boarding schools for your college journey in an AdmissionSight article.