Betting in Formula One

Betting in Formula One – Infographic

Formula One is a fast, exciting sport that millions of people love to watch and bet on. The cars in F1 can reach speeds of 220mph, making it one of the most thrilling races to watch.

There are many ways to bet on F1, including outright winner, pole position, future bets, and team bets. Aside from placing bets in Singapore pool live match, betting in F1 can be popular as well for newbies to the world of gambling and even for more experienced bettors.

Below are some matters that bettors should focus on when placing wagers in formula one.


A gambler can place a few different qualifying bets when betting on F1. Some experts recommend watching the drivers’ pre-race to see which ones have the most experience and are comfortable. Getting this information can help make better bets regarding the main event.


The condition of the track is also a huge factor in predicting a good race. If the track is dry, it will be easier for the cars to handle and will likely give them a greater advantage over the competition. If the track is wet, it can cause more problems and create a more dangerous situation for the drivers.

Free Practice

The first free practice session is usually held before a race, but there are other sessions that drivers can also take part in. These sessions are more relaxed and are a great way to get an idea of how the cars perform. They are not as competitive and do not carry the same significance as qualifying, but they are still worth watching.

Drivers Matchups

Drivers’ matchup bets are popular in F1 and can be fun to gamble on the drivers you like. This bet is similar to the outright winner bet but has a higher payout if you get your driver to finish in the top three.

Podium Finishes

The podium finish is a safe bet in F1 and has a slightly lower payout than other types of bets. A sportsbook will show you two drivers, and you can bet on which one will come in first or third. This is a great option for those who want to bet on a driver but don’t want to risk too much. The above-mentioned information will be beneficial when betting in F1. To know more about it, see this infographic from CM2Bet. Gamblers can also enjoy wagering in other sports betting and utilize sportsbook that offers the best Singapore pool current odds.

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