Biggest Futures Bet Wins – Infographic

For decades, the sports betting industry has seen exponential growth in the Southeast Asian region. More and more sports fans are taking the opportunity to earn a few extra dollars on the side while showing support to their favorite teams or players. And if the bettors are feeling risky, they can place massive wagers for a chance to take home an enormous profit once they get lucky.

The popularity of online betting in Malaysia and Singapore for traditional sports can be attributed to many things, including the various betting markets that sports fans can try. One of these is the future betting option, where the main goal is to predict the outcome of future events. Also called outright betting, some examples of options under this market are the club that will win the Premier League, who will end up as La Liga’s top scorer, and what nation will win the World Cup.

Placing huge bets or choosing to risk it all by placing wagers on parlays, the outright betting market can deliver massive profit with a little stroke of luck. Despite being hard to play due to the unpredictable nature of many sports, it is still possible to bag an exceptional amount of money in this market. Several bettors have already made a profit in this betting option, with some only placing small wagers.

An example is when a famous golfer allowed his father to win $130 000 after winning a tournament in 2014. Rory Mcllroy was able to win his first Open Championship, which enabled his father to win a bet that was placed ten years ago when his odds were at 500-1.

Another exceptional bet that won someone a considerable profit is when Richard Hopkins went all-in on a 13-year-old kid and predicted that the teenager would drive in Formula 1 in the future. That kid turned out to be Sir Lewis Hamilton, now considered one of the greatest drivers in F1 history after winning more than 100 races and 7 World Championships. Hopkins took home £165 000 more than ten years after placing his bet in 1998. To learn more about the biggest future bet wins, check this infographic provided by the leading online live casino in Malaysia, CM2Bet.

Biggest Futures Bet Wins