Corporate Event Planning: How to Hold an Event in 2021?

Corporate Event Planning: How to Hold an Event in 2021?

Planning and organizing an event is one of the stressful tasks a business will experience. When holding a corporate event, every company would want it to be successful and memorable. The spearheads will surely give their utmost effort to make it the best.

However, hosting an event today has become more challenging even you are prepared with your best experiential marketing campaigns, knowing that the COVID-19 transmission is still surging. Businesses have to follow the strict COVID-19 guidelines and protocols regarding mass gatherings. Meanwhile, it might look impossible, but the fact remains that you could still hold a corporate event today, although with more diligence more than ever.

When planning to hold a corporate event, you must keep in mind the following:

Take Covid-19 Precautions

What began as a precaution has evolved into a way of life. As a result, you should require guests to conduct pre-event temperature checks and fill out health survey forms on the day of the event. These forms, however, do not need to be filled out by hand. Attendees will receive automated daily screenings by text message through an SMS-based technology.

Testing and Cleaning Standards

It is a good idea to hire a vendor who can provide visitors with speedy on-site testing before they arrive at the event. These tests can be completed in under 10 minutes. They also ensure that your audience is at ease when they attend and enter the event. Speakers, personnel, and vendors at events must adhere to the same rules as visitors. Ensure all equipment, including speakers, microphones, and other touchpoints, is disinfected.

Opt for Wearable Tech

You may believe that touchscreen registration is adequate for your event registration, but recent technological advancements have rendered this obsolete. Today’s hosts use digital scanners in conjunction with wearable technology like smart badges and wrist bands. These use RFID technology to help with crowd management and contract tracing.

Keep the Event Space Safe

Establish a strict no-handshake policy during the event, and make sure guests know it via signage. Adjust interior airflow with ozone air purifiers and open windows throughout the day to keep the air fresh and lower the chance of infection.

Weigh Your Food and Beverage Options

When it comes to providing guests with a safe food and beverage experience, you have a few alternatives. Catering allows you to deal with an experienced professional who will take the extra safety precautions you desire, such as carefully packaging and wrapping food orders for maximum protection. 

To reduce crowds, you could opt for server-attended stations with staggered lunch periods. Attendees should also be given to-go containers so they can eat outside or in other private spaces if they like.

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