The Hallmarks of a Quality Luxury Resort

When planning a trip to Antigua, it is only right to make it as magical and comfortable as possible. Booking accommodation in some of the best resorts in Antigua will surely bring you the luxury you deserve.

However, choosing the ideal resort is difficult. While Antigua has an abundance of resorts, not all of them will provide you with everything you might need.

So, how can you determine the perfect luxury accommodation? Below, we listed the traits you should look for in a resort in Antigua.

Fantastic Location

Antigua is popular for its stunning ocean and sunset vistas. As a tourist, you should grasp every opportunity to witness the island’s natural spectacles, so find a resort with an amazing location. 

Try booking resort accommodations with beachfront or ocean-view rooms to enjoy the picturesque views. These views are excellent backdrops for dinner dates, Instagram photos, and lounging.

It would help to consider resorts with easy access to your target destinations. Also, check if the resort is near essential areas like the airport, shops, and restaurants.

Excellent Rooms

All decent luxury resorts ensure their rooms are well-maintained and appointed to ensure maximum guest comfort. These accommodations are lavishly decorated and furnished with an elegant theme to make you feel like a king or queen.

If you are unsure what special features to have in a resort accommodation, here are some suggestions:

  • Chaise lounge
  • Private outdoor deck
  • Open-plan dining area
  • Private infinity-edge pool
  • BBQ
  • Fully-equipped kitchenette
  • Jacuzzi

Of course, don’t forget to examine the cleanliness of the room. Check if the toilets and bathrooms are separated so you can stay comfortable. Past reviews can help determine whether the resort practices health and hygiene.

Superior Services

One aspect you must never miss out on is customer service. Some of the best luxury resorts provide their guests with unparalleled concierge and room service to ensure you stay pampered.

Besides comfort, the resort should be able to provide you with convenience, especially when you want to go on plenty of excursions. Look for luxury resorts with a tour desk or concierge service, and restaurant booking offer and car hire for easier transport.

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