10 Myths and Facts About Diesel Exhaust Fluid

There is no denying that the use of diesel has helped alleviate and make people’s lives better, especially in transportation, agriculture, and commercial businesses. But alongside the help it gave, it also released chemicals that harm the environment more; this led to the creation of Diesel Exhaust Fluid.

DEF’s purpose is to reduce harmful emissions primarily, but myths about it continue to surface, and it’s time to demystify them.

DEF is Toxic

If you want to be more environmentally friendly while using diesel, DEF is the answer. It helps reduce harmful toxins released in the air, which means that DEF is the exact opposite of toxic.

DEF is Urine

While urea is a waste product found in mammal’s urine and those from many living organisms, it is not urine. It uses 33.5% urea (which can be synthetically made) and 67.5 percent deionized water that helps reduce the release of harmful chemicals.

It is Hard to Use

If you have experienced putting water in your car’s radiator, filling up a DEF tank is as easy!

DEF is Unstable

Storage of DEF is no big deal. One does not need to worry about the liquid transforming into a harmful chemical; it’s all thanks to urea that does not transform regardless of temperature changes.

You Can’t Easily Buy DEF

DEF is easily purchased whenever, where ever. Truck stops, gasoline stations, you’ll find DEF even in auto parts shops—and online.

Only Professionals Can Fill Your Tank

There is no need to leave the comfort of your garage when you need to refill a DEF tank because it is not tricky to use. There is no need to call for a professional or bring your truck or a gasoline or auto shop to refill it.

No Factory DEF Will Damage My Car

All DEF products, regardless of brand names, have the same components and functions, and using it will do your car no harm.

DEF Evaporates

The only time DEF turns to ammonia and evaporates is when it is constantly exposed to 120 degrees for two years. So, there is no need to worry about it disperse.

DEF is a New Invention

Agriculture and commercial operations have used SCR and DEF for a long time already, but if it sounds new to the ears, it most probably is because there is a vehicle that does not have a DEF tank yet.

DEF has More Cons than Pros

DEF has more pros than cons in terms of efficiency, maintenance, power, and aid to nature. Well, the only con that there might be is a slight increase in one’s operating cost—and that’s it! Slight increase to become more eco-friendly.

Check out this infographic of Pure Diesel Power and learn more about diesel exhaust fluids and diesel parts.

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