The Legal Aspects of Recording Communication

Call recording is a vital need in the business industry, especially in financial companies. It maintains the transaction records done between the employee and the client through a phone call. However, communication recording does not simply apply in a business without the compliance of laws and regulations. From a legal standpoint, getting consent from one or all the parties to a phone call conversation is necessary to make all the recordings legal. Call monitoring is compliance mandated by the law to protect transactions in business that involve private information. It captures contents from phone calls and keeps a company by staying compliant with the regulations.

Communication recording without permission is against the law and would open the doors for businesses to crimes. In the United States, there are laws and regulations for recording calls at the federal and state level. Some laws require a company to get permission from at least one of the participants before a call. Other states have laws that require you to obtain consent from every participant before call recording. It only shows that despite mandating communication recording between the employee and the client, the importance of asking permission must be present to make all transactions legal and make the customers fully aware of the regulation.

In some cases, business owners prefer to use instant messaging applications that the employees use for business transactions with the customers. WhatsApp is the perfect example of a mobile application because it has an end-to-end encryption default that transmits messages between the sender and the recipient. Whether in phone calls and text messages, WhatsApp is safer to use for it has features like call monitoring and call recording that is best for handling conversations between the client and the employee.

Moreover, organizations need to depend on a mobile archiving tool like TeleMessage that captures and retains all the messages, including the deleted ones and other mobile content like SMS messages and voice calls.

Communication recording is part of the compliance that every business should comply with because the law mandated it. If you are a business owner, training your employees on the best practices of communication recording is one of the best training you ever contribute as their employer. You may check this infographic to learn more about the legal aspects of communication recording.