Know More About Horse Race Betting

Sports betting makes fans’ watching experience more thrilling and exciting, especially in horse racing. As the adrenaline rush pumps up, viewers get more enticed with the roaring noise inside the stadium as they cheer for their horse bets. 

Who wouldn’t want to earn money while enjoying a live spectacle? Well, bettors.

Despite its popularity decline through the years, avid patrons still loved horse racing at present. With the advent of technology and higher prices at stake, the competition became more fun and worthy of betting. As history keeps unfolding and its prestige remained steady, people flock to the venue and enjoy the race while betting to win. 

From king’s entertainment to people’s leisure

In the early 1600s, King James I’s profound interest in racing events sparked the uprising of the horse racing culture in British history. After two centuries, the sport developed specifically during the rulership of Queen Anne II. Her experience at Ascot while horse riding inspired the queen to open a space for horses to gallop. It led to the staging of the first-ever race meeting in 1711 that popularized horse racing. British Classics dedicated for Group 1 horse races also rose to stardom from 1776-1814.

As gambling is illegal, the British court legalized horse race betting through the Race Betting Act of 1928. The act halted the off-course betting operations yet turned profits from bets to investment to support the industry.

The signing of the Betting Levy Act of 1961 allowed off-course pool betting for horse racing. Such a monumental event allowed horse racing betting online in Singapore to offer betting services. 

Besides, the popularity of horse racing propelled online sports betting into the mainstream, especially in 1996 when the first online casino came into sight. 

More options, more chances of winning

In horse racing, there are three most common types of betting found in countries.

Win bet allows bettors to wage for a horse they think will top the race. A loss means saying goodbye to your money. Place bet gives you the chance to bet for a horse you believe will finish first and second in the ranking. Yet, expect a lower payoff as the collected money got split for the winning horse and the runner-up. 

Out of the three betting choices, show bet permits bettors to pick a horse they believe will end first, second, or third. If your horse is out of the top three, you lose.

Online horse betting in Singapore and other online bookmakers make horse race betting more convenient through technological platforms that allow you to bet anywhere, anytime. For more info about horse racing, you can check this infographic by 88ProBet.

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